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User 175

Naming a blog can be a horrifying thing.

I swear, all the good names for a blog are taken by someone, somewhere already. I would have had this blog up and running a week ago had I been able to figure out a name or something that made sense. I didn't just want to name the blog after myself … Besides, I tried different cutesy combinations of my name for so long, Blogger gave me an error message saying, "You've tried everything else, aren't you going to give up anytime soon?" — Just kidding.

So, why did I settle for User 175? That's not really cutesy, exactly…

I guess this was simply my way of trying to reclaim a little gay history. Paragraph 175 was a provision of the German Criminal Code adopted in 1871 that criminalized homosexual acts. Adolph Hitler later expanded this – and used it as his legal justification to give gay people one-way-tickets to concentration camps.

And maybe, this blog can be, in part, a tribute to those people. May we never live in those times again!


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