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When I first started blogging again after a several month vacation, there was a lot of talk in the blogsphere about Brokeback Mountain. I swear, there were only two camps – those who thought that it was the best (or the most important) movie ever, and those who felt that it was total trash (or the worst) movie ever. I refused at first to post anything about it because I had never seen the film (I still haven't although I plan to here shortly). How can I comment on a movie when I've yet to see it?

My first reaction to all the hoopla was that I got tired of hearing how about it as if it were the first gay film ever made. (So, I posted about a few of my favorite "gay" films … and even went back to add an additional nod to a few gay cowboy films.)

There is still a part of me that just isn't sure what the heck all the fuss is about. There've been gay films before, there will be gay films in the future. And that was just the point of this article which points out that there just may be a paradigm shift when it comes to gay Hollywood movies. And I do believe that this is a very valid point.

Personally, I think all this talk is good – no matter if it's pro-Brokeback or anti-Brokeback, because it's getting people to think about this, hopefully for themselves. (And I like anything that gets people to think.)

It's the same thing with The Da Vinci Code – the greater the "controversy" … or, the more people that try to ban the film (or the book) the better the sales tend to be. I've never really believed that bad publicity is better than no publicity at all, but…

Makes ya think, hunh?


April 14, 2006 - Posted by | Personal Thoughts

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